The Whale Sharks Are Back

Right on cue, the whale sharks have now ‘returned’ to Sogod Bay and hopefully the season will run all the way through until next June.

The ‘early season’ is a fantastic time to see whale sharks in Southern Leyte, with great weather and a very high likelihood of being able to snorkel with these magnificent creatures all on your own.

Getting close to a whale shark in Southern Leyte.

Getting close to a whale shark in Southern Leyte.

Padre Burgos Castle Resort is again running whale shark tours for very small groups with a minimum of just 2 people. The word ‘returned’ in the opening sentence above is enclosed in quotation marks as one of the many unknowns about the whale sharks is where they are when they are not here! There are nearly as many different theories as there are marine biologists working to answer that question, as well as many others, about whale shark behaviour. During our tours we endeavour to give guests as much up-to-date information about the whale sharks as we can, and, in addition to your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, a full-time marine biologist often joins guests on the boat to do just that.

So come and enjoy what is by far the best whale shark experience in the Philippines, if not the world.

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