Swimming With Dolphins

Whale Shark Tour View

Lunch with a View – Looking to Limasawa Island from near Sunok

We are now offering guests the opportunity to swim with the dolphins as well as watch them from the boat. Yesterday’s inaugural tour was a huge success, swimming with a small pod of about 30 pan-tropical spotted dolphins. Unfortunately my underwater camera packed up so I don’t have any photos to post.

The most common dolphins in Sogod Bay are pan-tropical spotted dolphins, and we regularly also see spinner dolphins, melon-headed whales and short-finned pilot whales which can grow up to about 6 metres in length. There are also occasional sightings of Fraser’s dolphins and pygmy killer whales.

We will be using a different venue for the bbq lunches on our whale shark tours this season. It has a very nice, large and comfortable cottage and affords stunning views of Limasawa Island and across the Bohol Sea to Camiguin and northern Mindanao.

For more information on dolphin watching and whale shark tours, check our website http://www.padreburgoscastle.com.

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