Still Seeing Whale Sharks!

The season just goes on and on!

After 3 months of almost continuous sunshine and bone dry conditions, Padre Burgos is now benefiting from some regular overnight and early morning showers. But the winds remain either very light or flat calm, which makes for ideal conditions for just about everything apart from sailing. Certainly the whale sharks seem to be enjoying it, and Padre Burgos Castle Resort set a new record for the latest successful whale shark tour in Southern Leyte, seeing 3 whale sharks on 11 June, 2013. Hopefully this record will be broken soon, with more whale shark tours to come before the end of this wonderful season.

The total number of different whale sharks scientifically identified in Southern Leyte since early February, 2013 now stands at 89. This has really amazed everybody involved in the whale shark watching operations here. Although more whale sharks have been observed at both Donsol and Oslob, the recordings have spanned a considerably longer time – over 400 different whale sharks at Donsol over 6 years and about 120 at Oslob over 1.5 years. With 89 different whale sharks observed here in just 4 months, Sogod Bay really is the whale shark capital of the Philippines – and with a completely natural environment and excellent water visibility for a fabulous whale shark watching experience.

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