The Vagaries Of Nature

We continue to see a lot of whale sharks, and the total of different whale sharks seen in Southern Leyte since the beginning of February now stands at 60.

Padre Burgos Castle Resort tour yesterday with just 2 guests saw an estimated 6 whale sharks. We were swimming only twice – the first time for about 20 minutes in perfectly clear water with a single whale shark, and the 2nd time seeing several whale sharks in a small area and also pairs of whale sharks slowly circling each other. This latter behaviour has been observed a few times recently, and was thought to be a male/female ritual but has also been witnessed with 2 males participating. With so many whale sharks in unusually, but spectacularly, close proximity it was difficult to keep track of how many we saw. There was also another group of snorkelers watching at least one other whale shark for the full duration of our 30 minute interaction.

Even when there are as many whale sharks around as at present, nothing is ever guaranteed and we have failed to find any whale sharks at all on 2 of our tours since the middle of February. However, something special usually turns up and the other day when I jumped from the boat to swim to a moving shadow spotted by our local guide, I was surprised to find not a whale shark but to see a stunning manta ray.

The dolphin watching has also been spectacular with about 300  dolphins being seen on our last 2 tours, together with sea turtles, morays, squid, sea snakes and a countless variety of corals and smaller fish at the snorkeling sites which we visit on the full day whale shark watching tours.

So things continue to look good for another month or so of superb whale shark watching, but remember you can never be sure what mother nature will throw up so make the most of everything she does.


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