Trip Report – 15th December, 2012

4 whale sharks and probably about 200 dolphins on today’s whale shark tour with Padre Burgos Castle Resort. The weather didn’t look too great at 7.00am this morning, with overcast skies and a few showers around and 2 of the 4 guests cried off. (Note that the resort cancels the tour if the boat captain says the weather is too rough to go, but it is a ‘rain or shine’ tour and guests will be liable for some costs if they cancel at the last minute.) Anyway, the 2 guests who did brave the early morning weather were amply rewarded. We had some nice sunshine for the snorkeling at Limasawa Island and after a choppy sail across the bay we had a great barbecue lunch enjoying the superb views. After lunch the weather still threatened rain, but we saw 1 whale shark right away which put everybody in a great mood. The sun came out and the next whale shark was absolutely superb – a 7 metre shark feeding with a wide open mouth just below the surface for about 15 minutes. Just as that one started to disappear from sight a ‘baby’ (about 4 metres) appeared and 30 minutes later we found our 4th whale shark of the afternoon. After so much activity the guests decided that was enough, and we made a comparatively early departure from Sunok. Searching, as always, for dolphins on the way back to the resort we came across a pod of about 200 of them who were very happy to play alongside the boat and put on an entertaining display of leaping and spinning. Huge fruit bats silhouetted against a beautiful new moon was the final wildlife spotting before dark descended shortly before we arrived back at the resort. A truly fulfilling day!

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