What are the Chances of Seeing Whale Sharks

Whale sharks have been frequenting Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte for generations, although there is never a 100% guarantee of finding whale sharks on any given day. You will be searching with no feeding or artificial inducements for a wild fish, which rarely breaks the surface of the water of its natural habitat, making the thrill of seeing your first whale shark supremely exciting and rewarding.

An 8 metre whale shark breaks the surface

Whale sharks are usually to be found in Sogod Bay from November to May. At the start of the season the plankton, and therefore the whale sharks which feed on them, tend to be dispersed more widely. This means that the search will cover a larger area, reducing the chances of finding whale sharks. The mid-season months of January through March tend to be very reliable for finding whale sharks. The advent of the south-west monsoon, sometime in May, brings surf-like conditions to the whale shark sanctuary and draws the season to a close. In the 2011/12 season we ran 25 whale shark tours, finding whale sharks on 24 of these with the final, and successful, one being on 29th May, 2012.

Of course, if you should fail to find any whale sharks during your tour there is an inevitable disappointment. That is why it is advisable to book a tour which includes other activities in addition to whale shark watching. Padre Burgos Castle Resort tours also include dolphin watching, snorkeling, a visit to the birthplace of Christianity in the Philippines and a delicious beach barbecue lunch in addition to 3 hours’ whale shark interaction.

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